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raspberry chipotle & black bean sauce over rice & kale

That title is a little exhaustive, I know, but I just couldn’t leave any of those ingredients out and be satisfied with the description! Last week, while still in New Orleans, I had two days to work on cleaning, packing … Continue reading

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somethin’ simple: steaming greens

A couple weeks ago, Joe paused from washing collard greens and pondered out loud, “I wonder how many times we’ve steamed greens.”  “Well,” I laughed, “I’d say it happens at least four times every week…. So how many weeks have … Continue reading

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vegan chocolate beet cake

Check out my gluten-free & refined-sugar-free version of the vegan chocolate beet cake! It’s about time. Really, I’ve had this blog for over a month now, and this is my first dessert recipe? I think I’m equal parts astonished & … Continue reading

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spring saute

I feel as if I’m being a bit repetitive with my ingredient choices these days.  Sweet potatoes and cabbage certainly seem to be a couple recurring factors in the recipes I’ve been posting.  Part of me feels like this is … Continue reading

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beet & carrot salad

Ever since Tuesday, my to-do list has kept reminding me “Blog Post!” But Tuesday night Joe & I were trapped in a Wal-Mart parking lot for 2 1/2 hours (apparently only 30 minutes of thunderstorming was enough to depost 2+ … Continue reading

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ingredients for a perfect day: sweet potato oatmeal pancakes

Having only made these once, I guess I can’t really guarantee that they will always lead to a perfect day, but I do know that’s exactly what happened today.  It was an amazing day!  Church this morning, then pancakes, then … Continue reading

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sweet potato & adzuki curry

In the past week, my life has been thrown a bit into fast-forward mode.  After planning on flying back to Alaska in mid/late April, Joe & I made the decision to DRIVE there instead.  Exciting?  Absolutely!  A little overwhelming?  Yes! … Continue reading

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