simple squash with canellini, porcini and sage filling

sugarloaf squash

It’s best to jump right in here; if I attempt a “catch-up” or explanation, I’ll never go anywhere! So here I am.

I didn’t even take pictures of the meal. I hadn’t planned to blog about this, I hadn’t had any inkling that I would want to start writing about my meal. I don’t even have measured ingredients to share. But it was an easy meal, and pictures of components can be quite lovely enough in their own right, and, finally, the ingredients are simple enough, and few enough, that measurements shouldn’t be necessary.

Start with a squash. I stocked up on organic winter squash last weekend when they were on sale, and noticed that one of the “Sugarloaf” beauties I’d picked out had a blemish that had escaped my eye (any smaller squash would do). So he got sliced in half, relieved of his seeds, rubbed down with olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt & pepper, and went into the oven.

While he cooked, I brought some water to a boil, and poured it over a handful of dried porcini mushrooms, letting them rehydrate. I thinly sliced a medium sized onion, and sauteed it until golden. A bit of dried sage, from our garden this summer, got chopped up, and I opened a jar of cannolini beans that we’d canned (I used a qt jar, so if you’re using pints, or cans of store beans, you could use two…. or just use one and don’t have as much leftover!). When the squash was finished, I mixed the porcinis, cannolinis and sage into the onions, stirred gently, seasoned with salt & pepper, and heated through.

The final step is very simple and expected: place half of the squash on your plate, and spoon in as much filling as you like. Sit down, and enjoy. 🙂 Joe’s gone right now, leaving me to eat alone, so this made two meals – it was just as good the second time as the first night! I still have a couple cups filling left, so I think I’ll add some broth and thin it down to a soup to have for lunch tomorrow. Good leftovers are a wonderful thing!

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