banana sourdough pancakes

I’m writing this with a full and happy belly; Sunday morning pancakes are one of my favorite traditions!  Especially after working three long extra days last week (which is why I haven’t posted in ages….), a wonderful special breakfast on a relaxing weekend morning are about the best thing possible.  I’m watching the sun rise through the spruce trees out my window right now, and looking forward to another gorgeously sunny March day.  Yesterday, we officially crossed over twelve hours of daylight, and we’re still gaining almost seven minutes a day; it’s wonderful!

Growing up, pancakes never excited me a whole lot.  Granted, my mom makes wonderful blueberry pancakes, which my dad and brothers will gobble up all day, but they just didn’t have the same impression on me.  Even though mom’s pancakes were whole wheat, they were of course still full of carbs, and didn’t strike me as all that healthy.

Since learning about soaking flours to make them more digestible & good for you (see here for more info), pancakes have become a very exciting food!  I’m somewhat obsessed with all the different variations that can be made with the simple pancake.

Recently, Joe & I are all about making sourdough pancakes, and after a long stint of eating pumpkin sourdough pancakes, I decided to try a banana version after picking up a few brownish bananas on sell at the grocery.  (I love buying up a bunch and freezing them to use in recipes!)  Even though I thought it might not be possible, we love these banana pancakes just as much as the pumpkin ones!

These guys are delicious.  I love them with some chocolate chips, crystallized ginger, and flaked coconut sprinkled on top, but they’re also just as good (and certainly lower in sugar) without the chocolate & ginger.  The coconut is a pretty key addition though; it makes an incredible crispy crust on the pancakes.  Just make sure it’s unsweetened coconut!

Banana Sourdough Pancakes
serves 2-3

1 cup sourdough starter
1/2 cup oats (certified gluten free if GF)
1/4 cup whole wheat flour  (or your favorite gluten free flour!)
1 cup of mashed banana (very ripe!)
lukewarm water, if needed – I usually don’t need any.

The night before making pancakes, combine all the ingredients for the sponge.  Mix well, cover, and let sit in a warm place overnight.  The sponge should be relatively thick; you’re not looking for a thin pancake batter here, but you can add a bit of water if it seems to be necessary.

Remaining Ingredients:
2 eggs, from happy chickens!  (I have never been super happy with egg-free pancakes, but if you can’t get good eggs, or are vegan, you can use a flax substitute of 2 Tbsp ground flax seeds mixed with 1/4 cup lukewarm water)
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
a splash ‘o rum, optional

flaked unsweetened coconut
dark chocolate chips, optional
coarsely chopped crystalized ginger, optional

In the mornin’, add the remaining ingredients to your sponge and mix well.  Heat a griddle or cast iron pan over medium heat and make your pancakes!  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into any more detail on how to do that…. 🙂

Enjoy with some real maple syrup and, if you can, butter from grass-fed cows!!

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8 Responses to banana sourdough pancakes

  1. Shira says:

    These look awesome…love the rum addition! 🙂

  2. mizrhi says:

    These look pretty awesome. Ill have to check out the health food store to see if I can find “sourdough starter”. I’ve never heard of it before. (I am Australian, so it might be called something else).

    • Thanks! Sourdough can also be called a natural leaven; it is a way to use the natural yeasts found in your environment. It’s mostly used in breads and pancakes, but can also be used in all sorts of other baked goods (I just made chocolate sourdough muffins this morning!). It is fermented, and gives foods that it’s used in a bit of a tang that some people have to get used to; I love it! And it’s full of health benefits. If you’re interested in making your own sourdough starter, the same method that we used is posted right here. Hope you give it a try! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

      • mizrhi says:

        thank you so much for that link. I am going to have to look into this. It looks very interesting, although I am worried weather it will not cope well in our warmer humid tropical weather. Any ideas?

      • Well, I’m not really sure! But as far as I can think of, it seems like the sourdough may be more active in the warmer weather, so it might need an extra stir or two daily. Otherwise, the starter can always be stored in the refrigerator and just removed to room temperature the day you’re going to be using it. I’m not really sure about too much specifics though, but I’m sure there’s more info somewhere online about warmer spots…. 🙂

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