happy mardi gras #2!

I’m allowed two mardi gras posts, right?  I definitely wasn’t planning on having a second installment, but then we made up this lil’ treat last night and I just had to share it!  And, my pup Sulrana was just so cute wearing his beads that I had to share a shot of him as well.  🙂

Joe & I wanted to enjoy something special, besides our vegan gumbo, and so this is what we came up with, using whatever we had on hand.  No recipe here, because this was not a measured experiment, but here’s the basic idea!  We had frozen raspberries leftover from scones, and a bunch of frozen bananas that I picked up when they were really cheap the other day.  We mixed the two with some coconut milk, some rum, and some clean snow (because we don’t have ice cubes.  And our hand-blender wouldn’t break them anyways!).  They turned out amazing!  So good, and so simple, and the snow game them an awesome consistency.  And the wine glass?  Well, I wanted something that looked pretty, and while I love all my pottery mugs, they wouldn’t exactly showcase this treat!

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