rainy days and cozy soup

The title pretty much says it all.  Some days are just meant to be soup days!  And while I don’t particularly love chilly rainy days, I absolutely do love a cozy warm bowl of soup; I’d say it’s my best coping mechanism.  Last week after a looooooong string of such chilly, rainy days, I started sprouting some beans and rice, using one of my favorite mixes from the wonderful sproutpeople.org.  The somewhat unfortunate thing about sprouting is that, well, it takes some time.  No instant gratification.  I was patient, waiting through a couple cold evenings when I really wanted my soup but couldn’t have it yet, and then, of course, when my beans and rice were ready to cook, the sun decided to come out!

I won’t complain about that one though.  Nope, I’ve got no problems with the sun shining!  I’ll take as much of it as I can get!  However, it did make my situation a little tricky, since on a hot sunny afternoon, making soup didn’t sound so appealing.  So I let the beans sprout a lil’ more, and then I slid them into my cooler (no refrigerator out here!), planning to use them soon.  The weather didn’t make me wait long though, and it was soon time for soup.

I was also lucky enough to get to enjoy this soup over some fresh greens from my garden.  Hurrah!  One night I picked some bok choy and the last of our spinach (I have another crop that’s coming up now), the next night I picked some swiss chard, and today for lunch I picked a few collard greens.  Collards!  Yes!  I have collards that Joe planted & gave me starts and I grew in my little Kennicott garden!  That’s certainly one of the most exciting things in my life.

The basic recipe I used is posted over at Sprout People, so you should check it out over there!  I didn’t have the sweet corn or parsnip to use, and decided to throw in a couple red potatoes instead, but it’s the same general idea…. and isn’t that how soup works anyways?  Using what you’ve got?

The results were pretty delicious.  It doesn’t get much more comforting, cozy and nourishing than a hot bowl of this soup.  It’s well worth the wait as you patiently watch your beans growing their little sprouts!  Oh, and the final element of deliciousness on my bowl was a mound of purple sauerkraut that I made a couple weeks ago.  Perfect!

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2 Responses to rainy days and cozy soup

  1. That is just pure comfort in a bowl!

  2. Glenn says:

    Soup is so awesome.

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