first garden salad!

One of the best things about this summer so far had been the gardening.  The past few years, I’ve wanted to have my own garden space, but couldn’t because I split the summer up between two different locations, and gardens just aren’t easily transported!  This year the garden has been a definite learning process; I grew up spending many hours every summer in my mom’s great big garden, but in recent years my gardening was limited to the time I spent helping friends in their gardens.

A couple weeks ago the garden went through some severe trauma as the red-backed voles (our little mice) decided to start eating all my young plants.  War was quickly declared on the voles, and I found containers (mostly in the form of old mining debris from around Kennicott) to move all of the plants into.  So far the container garden has been successful, although this morning I was sad to find four of my biggest pea plants and a few beets destroyed.  Some traps have since been set, and hopefully there will be no more casualties!

Two days ago I decided that it looked like the plants were getting big enough for me to enjoy my first salad from the garden.  I picked some lettuce, as well as a little bit of arugula and mustard greens, and a few beet and spinach plants that needed to be thinned.  Delicious & so beautiful!

For the dressing, I re-hydrated some sun-dried tomatoes, then crushed a clove of garlic which I mixed with some olive oil and vinegar.  Then I added the tomatoes and threw it on the salad along with a handful of sprouted beans from the windowsill sprouter for a little bit of protein.  It was wonderful.  I can’t wait to keep eating garden salads!

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  1. Looks great and I love the dressing.

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