happy birthday Joe!

Well, this is not quite a normal birthday post.  In fact, there is no dessert…. at all.  There are pancakes, which, I suppose are a type of cake, but, all in all, quite a healthy day!  There are also no complete recipes in this post, because, well, one was already posted, and the rest of the food for the day was almost too simple for recipes!

Yesterday was Joe’s birthday – also marking the half-way-through-2011 date as well as Canada Day – a pretty big day!  It turned out to be a pretty rainy birthday, with a few not-quite-as-wet breaks interspersed.  We had a great relaxing day together, which was a perfect way to spend one of our rainiest days of the summer thus far.

Those pancakes I mentioned were enjoyed as a nice late breakfast around, oh, almost 11:00 I think.  I’d been hoarding a few sweet potatoes for the last couple weeks, and gladly cooked them up to make some sweet potato pancakes, which were, if possible, even better than I was expecting!!!  I mostly followed the same recipe, using soaked flour (except this time I used the spelt, brown rice and barley blend to make them almost gluten-free), but used two duck eggs that I get from a local farmer instead of the 3 chicken eggs.  Worked great!  I also added a heaping 1/4 cup of crystallized ginger to the pancake batter, which is a highly recommended variation… YUM!!  We also enjoyed the pancakes with some awesome birch syrup, a gift from my Uncle Glenn, but more on that in another post.

After playing some cribbage, hanging out with some folks, and spending a little time in the garden, Joe and I decided to head for a little hike up somewhere out of town to cook dinner.  I gathered all the ingredients to make dinner along with my camp stove and cookware, and we headed out through a break in the weather.  We hiked up to an old transfer-station along the tram-line from Jumbo Mine, which was a perfect choice.  The rain started to come down again as we got close, but we found a dry spot inside the station and set up our kitchen!

I immediately chopped up a little bit of ginger and garlic, which I sprinkled over a salmon fillet, and then then squirted some Bragg’s (soy sauce substitute) over it all.  I let that marinate for about 20 minutes while I heated up some water for cooking soba noodles.  The soba noodles were then mixed with some dried mushrooms (which I re-hydrated with the pasta water), some bits of Nori seaweed, Bragg’s, and some kimchi that I’d made a couple weeks ago.  The salmon was then cooked in a little bit of olive oil, until just barely done in the middle, and it was all thoroughly enjoyed!!!

Salmon, soba, kimchi, seaweed, lots of ginger & garlic – it was a pretty amazing power-food dinner!  We ended up eating the entire salmon fillet (half a fish), which neither of us really expected to do, but it was soooooo good!  The great thing was that, even after eating a pretty big amount of food, both of us felt completely energized, not too full or weighed down at all.  Then we quickly ate a few gummy bears (the simple dessert… I’d wanted to make a cake, or some type of dessert, but with the lack of oven and ingredients, it wasn’t happening…), and headed back out in the rain!  Thankfully we were just going downhill at that point, and had an easy hour hike back to the dry house where we enjoyed some nice hot tea.  Altogether, it made for a pretty great day.  Happy birthday Joe!!!

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2 Responses to happy birthday Joe!

  1. Those salmon look amazing! A happy belated birthday to Joe.

    • thanks! I need to catch more salmon… When I went dipnetting in June I only caught one fish, and the second half of it is what we ate – so good! definitely need to get some more….

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