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vegan curry feast pt. 2: banana fudge

I’m not too modest to say that last night I cooked an entirely incredible dinner, in an entirely beautiful place.  However, I am practicing restraint, and not sharing those recipes right now, since I need to finish what I started … Continue reading

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vegan chocolate chip cookies

There is a much longer version name for these cookies.  I started out calling them “vegan peanut butter honey chocolate chip cookies,” but soon realized I just don’t like saying that many words when I’m trying to tell people what … Continue reading

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peanut butter brownies

A few minutes ago, mom was reaching for a Twix bar, and I said, “No!  Wait!  There’s brownies in the fridge that are better for you!”  And the great thing is, it’s so true! I promised, when I posted the … Continue reading

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peanut butter chocolate chip biscotti

Biscotti.  It’s one of those lovely words that sounds like what it is: crisp, light, interesting, maybe a bit crunchy, not too sweet….  A perfect complement to a nice smooth word like coffee, or chai.  Mmm, yes. I’ve had a … Continue reading

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